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2014 Annual Appeal

This year the Church Council decided to focus our fund-raising activities on a specific project.  The outcome that from Lent to Candlemas we will be fundraising on behalf of the Joshua Orphanage and Community Care Centre in Malawi.


Peter and Mair Mayers were fortunate to lead a party of young adults in 2013 to help build various buildings at this site.   We will post more information on their exploits later.


We are currently waiting for news of our Lent Collection which will go towards this project - so if you haven't returned your envelopes yet, please do so at the earliest opportunity.


On 1 June our preacher during the 10:00 service will be from the project's fund-raising headquarters to give us more information, and hopefully a display board will go at the back of church soon.


in the meantime, please visit their website for more information - if you want to donate to them directly please feel free to do so - but it would be good if you mention us.

We will post more updates and more fundraising activities soon.


Feb / Mar - Lent Collection


1 June - Pasta Lunch


22 October - Charity Christmas Sale and Coffee Morning


8 November - Organ Recital


28/29 November - Christmas Market


2 February - Parish Lunch


Sadly we have finished out fundraising for Joshua and are awaiting news of the charity for 2015.

The Collection has now finished




Our collections this year have raised 


for the orphan and community care.



Remember that...


£4 can buy 5kg of Likuni (fortified porridge), which can feed 100 children at one of our Community Based Childcare Centres.


£5 can buy textbooks for students at the Joshua Secondary School


£15 could buy a 50kg bag of maize to feed a needy family


£20 a month could support a vulnerable child through secondary school, covering the cost of fees, uniform, textbooks, pencils and exam entrance.

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