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Tilehurst Garden Festival and a 

Defibrillator for the parish

St Mary Magdalen will be taking part in the Tilehurst Garden Festival on the 4 and 5 July 2020 running between 1:00 and 5:00 each day.  We will be the Northern Hub for the event, and will be hosting a Tilehurst Horticultural Society Plant Sales table, as will as providing refreshments throughout the day.

One of the main purposed of this is to raise money for a Lower Tilehurst Defribulator which we hope, will be located on the new front porch of the church as well as raising funds for our own church.  This event will replace our normal Patronal Flower Festival.


Carl is busy planning the event and would welcome ideas as to how we can make this a really special day for the church.

Our theme will be ‘Gods Wonderful World’ and will feature themed displays on the main horticultural and bio-diverse areas of the World.  This includes displays on Tundra, Rainforest, Temperate Forest, Desert, Mountain and Oceans.  We will also create conservation and environmental messages about what we can do to help protect the planet.

WE WANT TO FILL THE CHURCH WITH PLANTS as well as beautify the church and hall grounds.

As we now starting to think of the warmer days of Spring, can you start collecting, growing and potting plants that we can use in church.   We would like to create a ‘central-garden’ as we did for the Flanders Field event in 2018. And what about a ‘flower curtain’ in front of the Lady Chapel?

What about a line of Lavender bushes by the white railing next to the vestry? Or a Wildflower meadow between the church and hall?  We are also applying to The Woodlands Trust to obtain a natural hedgerow and tree pack for the Church green and Hall.  

Please speak to Carl about ideas and what you can do for the event, he is also collecting monetary donations so that we can buy plants and any materials that we will need to help the displays.

REMEMBER to put the date in your diary now, we will need help to set-up and break-down the event before and after the weekend.


is £2000



we've only just started

upcoming events

26 Feb - 12 Apr

Lent Collection 2020

5 - 6 July

Tilehurst Garden Festival - Church open with displays, Green Fayre, refreshments

More events will be added throughout the year.

If you'd like to make a donation, please use the link below.

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