Make a donation

We are always grateful to receive donations whether that be finanicial, or physical.  There is always work to be done supporting activities and in the local community.

Get Involved

Not matter how old you are, we can find a task that you would enjoy.  Whether you want to serve in church, or sing in the choir, help arrange flowers orjust assist with the cleaning rota.

Set up a Direct Debit

We are currently exploring ways of enabling you to make a donation via the website.  Once we finalise the arrangements we will post it here.

Annual Charity Project

Since 2014 - we have been focusing our support on a single charity throughout the year with a number of key fund-raising activates and initiatives. And have provided financial support to these organisation to the tune of over £4000.

We operate a three-yearly cycle focusing on local, national and International charities.  If you would like to make a suggest or help to run events, please get in contact with us.

Information on the Projects can be found under the 'Annual Appeal' page. 


Ron Best

Director of Finance


If you'd like to make a donation, please use the link below.