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Pura Vida Costa Rica

There was no slothing around on Saturday 11 February, when 50 of us gathered in the church hall for a Costa Rican inspired social evening.

The Hall was bedecked in green lighting and with the natural sounds of the Costa Rican rainforest echoing around it created a lovely atmosphere to sip our rum cocktail and enjoy the lavish banquet set before us. A delicious selection of Caribbean food was prepared and we thoroughly enjoyed tucking into chicken, rice and beans followed by a selection of desserts.

Children 'and adults' were kept amused by busy creating jungle inspired crafts which will be displayed in the church and the hall in the coming weeks.

Carl then took us on a highly enjoyable photographic tour of Costa Rica as we recounted some of the sights and sounds of his recent trip, with some superb photography and videos.

Pura Vida!


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